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What Does ‘Mental Wellness’ Mean to You?

What does mental wellness mean to you? Is it the feeling of the endorphins flowing after going for a jog, an overall feeling of being content with your life, or those moments of peace shared


Prevent the Preventable: Cervical Cancer

If you have been diagnosed as having HPV, you’re not alone.  In, fact you’re in the majority. The National Cervical Cancer Coalition quotes the American Journal of Medicine stating that, “about 74 percent of Americans–nearly


Supporting Infant Health and Birth Defect Awareness

“Save the babies!” is what used to pop into my head when I thought of the March of Dimes.  Upon delving further into their cause, I found there is much more to prenatal and infant


Change a Child’s Life, Be a Mentor

Did you have a “wise advisor” growing up?  Or a trusted counselor or guide? We all need help navigating life. If you are fortunate, you have friends and family to support you. But what about those who don’t

Women in Distress_Collage

Women In Distress — A Lifeline To Those In Need

Margaret’s Story:  “Mine probably isn’t the face you think of when you think of a victim of domestic violence. I have a Master’s degree, a successful career, and a wonderful support system of family and

Martin Luther King

What Are You Doing For Others?

When you think of Martin Luther King, you often think of his famous speech, as if the speech and the man are interchangeable.  So much so that his echoing words may stick with us more


Rally for Red, Save a Life!

They’ve approached you.  They’ve approached me.  They’ll usually go after anyone with arms.  No, not those annoying cart workers at the mall that lunge at you with creams they swear will make your hands look

Yoga Gangsterss

Yoga Gangsters — Empowering Youth

Jodi could tell one of the girls in class was talking trash.  She overheard her calling another girl “princess,” but not in a loving, best girlfriend kind of way.  There was sarcasm, anger, and contempt

Poverty Awareness Month

Poverty…It’s Not Just a Third World Thing.

There was always a bowl of peanuts on the table in the career office.  Not thinking much of it, I asked the guidance counselor what this was all about. “A lot of these kids don’t


Resolve to be Healthy!

Holy holidays! You’re either relishing in the lingering memories of hugs, laughter and delicious meals or you’re grateful the stress is over and you’re family members have finally left.  Maybe a little of both.  However